I’ve been haunting thrift stores waaaaay too much lately, and the addiction is getting out of control.

Hello, my name is Robin, and I’m a Thrifting Addict.

But it’s all good, on all the levels, right? In our efforts to reuse and recycle, it’s good for the planet to buy used merch, which keeps stuff out of the landfill and reduces demand for manufacturing new things. The saving of the monies on supercool stuff⁠—that’s the crap that gets addictive.

Case in point, I recently found a mod vintage needlepoint pillow that gave me serious Jonathan Adler vibes, which offers me a perfect reason to flash this:

Room Fu designers Claire Patrick and Robin Callan pose for a photo with Jonathan Adler at his store in Austin, TX

…and this:

"Everyone needs some Room Fu!" -- Jonathan Adler

But back to the subject of my thrifted decorative pillow, here’s the cutie I found:

My vintage needlepoint pillow, after the old stuffing was removed.

The velvety back of my pillow.

Y’all, I may have paid a whole dollar for it.

Cue the return of the FAB FIND!

The stuffing inside this little vintage number has, shall we say, lived a life, and had the sads. So when I discovered that my stockpile of pillow inserts didn’t include one petite enough for my fab find, I literally hacked another one to fit. Because I like down inserts, this meant making a horrible mess while resizing it, but I made it through to the other side and now it looks great.

Voila! Check it out:

So if you’re looking for ways to style chez toi on a budget, don’t discount the thrift stores! (You know how I love a good pun.)