Contributing to Austin Monthly’s blog each week has been a fun diversion. Since I’m not shopping for a particular project or limited by the parameters of someone else’s taste or color palette, I’m free to focus on sheer gorgeousness. The past two weeks, I’ve featured some amazing stuff. Of course, each week when I decide what I’ll be picking as my Fab Find, I’m also wishing I could buy these pieces for myself. That was especially true the past two weeks because the items I selected were superaffordable.

This week, my attire was so picture-perfect with the loveseat we were photographing that a store patron insisted we get a photo of me sitting on it. So we did!

Photo by Anna Kuhn.

I couldn’t have art directed a more perfect setup–my earrings matched the upholstery and my houndstooth sweater was just the right mid-century-inspired punch of pattern. To get all of the juicy details about this intriguing piece of furniture and where to purchase it, head over to Austin Monthly.

If you missed the tangerine lamp I featured from World Interiors last week, here’s a link to that, too.

Thanks to Room Fu client and photographer, Anna Kuhn, for subbing this week and taking “Phab” Photos of my Fab Find while Suzi Q was out of town!