My all-time favorite Etsy haunt for furniture is Houston biz l+j industries. There are several reasons why I adore them so much: (A) they specialize in mid-century modern furniture, which you know I favor; (B) their prices are always really, really reasonable–as in, how can you possibly make a profit at such low prices; (C) they use high-quality fabrics to reupholster everything they do; and (D) they offer inexpensive shipping via Greyhound, so it’s not cost-prohibitive to buy anything from them.

They always seem to have something in their shop that I wish I could squeeze into my house. Today, it’s this telephone table/bench thingy:

A mid-century modern telephone table and bench piece, available on Etsy.

Vintage Mid Century Wrought Iron Gossip Telephone Chair with Knoll Fabric, $200.

Isn’t it adorable?