While running through Target recently, I was blown away by the colorful kitchen appliances I posted yesterday. Curious about the “French Bull” branding on the toaster, blender and Crock-Pot slow cooker I saw, I did a little research and discovered they are the designers behind a lot of other products I’ve admired over the years, like this removable wallpaper:

Monster Magenta Wallpaper, full kit (4 rolls). $296.

In addition to the French Bull small appliances I’m in love with, check out these other colorful products. You know how I love mod, saturated stuff, and the pricing is great, too!

Dahlia Sleigh Tray, $26.

Ziggy Round Platter, $25.

Ziggy Platter, $18.

Mosaic Trio Tray, $26.

Neoprene Slippers, $29.

Harlequin Flex Nylon Handbag, $100.

Cute, no?