Look at this–Fu For Thought‘s first guest blog post!  You can thank my new designer, Claire Patrick, for this Fab Find.  Claire has discovered a new addiction for those of us who love Red in Fredericksburg, but don’t get out there too often.

Being one of those weird “northies,” I don’t venture south of the river too often. When I do, it’s usually an all-day event. I headed to Spicewood recently to do a color consult for a new client, and as I drove, I made mental notes of places I might want to stop at on my way back to my neck of the woods. There were several shops in the Hill Country Galleria that piqued my interest, but nothing caught my eye as much as the unassuming orange-fronted country store on the side of 71 with beautiful furniture pieces and bird houses staggered around the parking lot and front porch.


When I finished my consult my tummy was rumbling, but I figured I’d stop by Revival really quick just to check it out. You know…peek my head in, then go grab that yummy sandwich from Bountiful I was craving. I probably ended up browsing around the tiny front porch for a good 5 minutes – which should have been an indication that this was my type of place – but it was when I opened the door that I really knew I was in trouble.


This shop was me – embodied in a retail establishment. Okay, maybe me minus my snarky attitude and frizzy hair and with a tiny bit more glitz, glam, and age. But every piece I looked at was more whimsical than the next, and although plenty of their pieces were new, a LOT were revived (thus the name) or upcycled.


Wooden Cupboard, $1100. I'm in love!

It doesn’t hurt that Tara and David, the young owners, have put their heart into every piece in the store. What started as a weekend hobby of estate sale shopping, collecting, and refinishing is now a dream come true in physical form. David’s furniture painting/refinishing skills are remarkable, and Tara’s eye for design comes across in both the products she selects as well as the way they’re merchandized. They’re in the business because they love what they do and believe that every old piece has some beauty that can be found with just a little love.

Sideboard with Found Metal Doors ($1,125) & Antique Glass Soda Bottles.  Talk about unique!

Sideboard with Found Metal Doors ($1,125) & Antique Glass Soda Bottles. Talk about unique!

The love that they have to share overflows not only into each of their furniture items and accessories, but also into a community in Haiti – an orphanage called Destiny Village, with whom they will share 5% of their profits.

This is all sounding a bit cheeseball-ish, I know. I promise, if you knew me, you’d know I don’t do a lot of gushing, or spewing flowery words out of my mouth like verbal vomit very often. Only when it’s called for do I give such high praise. It’s called for…totally.

"I Know You Want Me" Chair, $399.

"I Know You Want Me" Chair, $399.

When I went in, Tara was so kind and spent at least half an hour talking to me (and my still grumbling belly), even though she was clearly busy – in the midst of her store’s first professional photo shoot. She made me promise I’d share the photos with y’all when they came out. Someone remind me to make good on that.

Tara (facing away), helping to direct the photo shoot.

Tara (facing away), helping to direct the photo shoot.

For now, you can follow Tara and David’s progress and see new items in their shop (both antique and new) on their Facebook page. But really, you should just go there. TOTALLY WORTH IT. Also, you should show up at their first big par-taaay, Market By the Barn, on March 26th from 10a-6p.

Go now. Thank me later.

13308 Hwy 71 West
Bee Cave, TX
Open M-F, 10 – 6 and Sat, 10 – 4

Thank you for this awesome post, Claire!