While browsing and having mental love affairs with furniture at Jonathan Adler, I picked up a few good books on design and decorating I thought I’d share. Before you roll your eyes and assume I’m referring to anything written from a pompous perspective, let me just tell you–these books are FUN.

Two are Jonathan Adler books I couldn’t resist: Jonathan Adler on Happy Chic Colors and Jonathan Adler on Happy Chic Accessorizing



I’ve been in this business for over nine years and have been an interior design junkie for at least a decade before that, and still I can’t stomach the actual reading of a design book or shelter mag. Like so many porn aficionados, I buy them for the pictures, honey. But here’s a twist–I have read every single Jonathan Adler book I’ve ever purchased. Okay, I’ve read all three Jonathan Adler books I’ve purchased. As soon as his next one comes out November 15th (but who’s counting?), I’ll read that one too. Dude is HAPPY. I like happy, what can I say? I’ve always enjoyed decor most when it reflects a sense of humor. I think that’s why I’m so drawn to color (as my Pinterest boards will attest). So I appreciate the onslaught of bawdy humor, bold color, and wackadoo pattern combos oozing out of Adler’s books. Highly recommended.

The other book I bought is Lara Spencer’s I Brake for Yard Sales: And Flea Markets, Thrift Shops, Auctions and the Occasional Dumpster


As you may know, this Good Morning America host also prides herself on her decorating-on-the-cheap skills. There are many inspiring furniture makeovers showcased in her book and she’s definitely not afraid of color, which I dig.

So there you go–three great resources for eye candy. Enjoy!