I recently reconnected with an old friend and invited her and her new boyfriend over for dinner. Then I panicked. She’s never been to our new house before. Will any of my window treatments be ready by then? Can Jeb repaint Phoebe’s bathroom before the big night? Will I finally find the perfect sheets to make my bed look amazing before they get here?

Why do we do this to ourselves?

The thing is, every home is in some state of transition. Seriously…do you know anyone whose house is completely “done?” There’s not a single person in my circle of friends who wouldn’t like to do something different with some area of their home. These things take time and money, forcing most people to tackle different home improvement projects in stages.

So consider yourself normal if your home isn’t perfect. And realize that most people are visiting your home to see you, not your house.

But hey…if you do want to make some quick changes to your decor that will make you feel more confident when entertaining, this is one designer who can help you do just that!