Between my addiction to Cash Cab and a meeting with a new client who is a former New Yorker, I’ve been feeling nostalgic for Manhattan. Some of the Cash Cab contestants I saw the other day got out of the cab at 19th Street & Broadway, which is where one of my favorite old haunts is.

Fishs Eddie (no, that’s not a misprint), is a wonderful store selling vintage and retro-inspired tableware that’ll make you smile. This isn’t your Pottery Barn faux retro stuff though…this is real dinerware that looks like it has a story behind it.

Thanks to the Internets, I can still shop there on occasion. Some of my current faves:

Woodgrain squirrel square platter

The Snappy Snack! Would you seriously be able to resist a grin each and every time you used these glasses?

I already have several bottle openers, but I suppose I could buy more beer if that’s what I have to do to rationalize the purchase of another as cute as this mermaid version.

The graphics on this Brooklyn tote bag are too sweet.

…and the coordinating salt and pepper shakers are a must, aren’t they?

I have some dishes from this pattern (212)…a classic.