So thrilled to finally release photos of two recent makeovers!  These were such fun projects because clients Amy and Lana wanted to be surprised, so they handed over their credit card and the reigns to the design–then left town so we could get to work!  Both makeovers–their living room and their kitchen/breakfast area–are budget-friendly redos that feature simple changes that make a big impact.  The place is totally transformed and is one of the most calm-inducing spaces I’ve ever designed.  I want to linger every time I visit!

The last time I was at the house, Lana informed me that they were going to want me to change up their formal dining room soon.  “It’s depressing Amy so much,” Lana said, “because it’s the only room that hasn’t been touched by an angel!”

Cute, huh?

Check out the pics:

Luscious Living Room on a Budget

Tasteful Travertine Kitchen