Now that I have bright yellow doors to go with my slate blue house, I’ve decided to paint our patio furniture. It’s your standard metal stuff–pieces that won’t flip over in this supergusty wind tunnel we live in–and although I’d like to replace it, a new back fence is going to trump outdoor furniture since our cheapo fencing blew down last Christmas. Probably time we took care of that, now that I think about it.

To remind you, here’s the new color palette our house is sporting:

Checking out Krylon’s available spray paint colors online, I’ve narrowed it down to the following contenders:

I’m dreamin’ with that hot pink…I don’t think Jeb will ever go for that. He doesn’t mind girly touches here and there, but hot pink lawn furniture might just be too much for him. Lime greens would be cool, but I’m concerned about them blending in too much with the surrounding grass. The ultramarine blue would actually be really pretty and somewhat sophisticated, but would only work if I add pillows and our wind situation has made cushions more annoying than fun in the past. It’s unrealistic to imagine we’ll keep pillows out there on a regular basis. I’m leaning toward that violet color on the top row–Rich Plum. How cool would that be?!

I’m also DYING to create polka dots in our backyard grass, like this:

I have a client who has this type of thing going in her front yard and it is so adorable, but I know my HOA would have a whiny crying fit if I did it out front. Don’t HOAs who prohibit supercute polka dot yards suck ass?

Are you feeling the urge to do some outdoor nesting like I am? If so, what are you doing? Are you going sleek and clean or are you into crazy color like moi?