Just noticed in my handy-dandy Costco coupon mailer that they are offering 15-30% off closet storage and organizational built-ins from Easy Closets, if you order online through Costco.  Easy Closets is a great DIY resource…they offer free next-biz-day shipping (although this shipping offer doesn’t apply via Costco orders) and they have handy tools on their web site for mapping out what you need for your specific closet.  If the thought of designing it yourself gets you all twisted in knots, they’ll even design your closet for you!  All you have to do is submit your dimensions and they’ll send you drawings and item info via email.

So if you’ve been putting this kind of project off for a while, this could be just the kicker you need to jumpstart the process.

Offer ends October 4th–my Pop’s birthday!