I started to write a post about how buying pillows from the Four Seasons is worth the splurge ($90 each, just suck it up sometime–you will thank me!), when I discovered an interesting offer on their Austin hotel’s website. The Pay it Forward “Voluntourism” special offers a hefty discount on room rates in exchange for a minimum three-hour volunteering stint with one of their local non-profit partners. Spend three hours serving meals for Caritas or working on a downtown beautification project with Keep Austin Beautiful, and you could earn a nearly $300 discount, depending on the day(s) of your stay and the type of room you select. If you’re an Austinite, you could use it to book an overnight stay to celebrate a special occasion or to treat visiting friends and family.

Call (512) 685-8100 for more details about the Pay it Forward “Voluntourism” offer at Four Seasons Austin. Mattresses, linens and pillows can be ordered directly from the concierge at (512) 478-4500.