If you’re tired of fighting your home’s decor, now’s a good time to tag us in. Room Fu is offering summer savings deals!

Here’s where the gloves come off. You tell us what’s broken, we suggest ways to fix it. We’ll take on your design demons!

spaceplan10% off SPACEPLANNING
Let us wrestle your furniture into the perfect arrangement. We can create a bird’s eye view of your space that’s accessible from any Internet connection–even your smartphone–showing you where to place new and old furnishings. Plus, the spaceplan includes dimensions for any new stuff you may need, making it a must-have shopping tool.

Choosing the right materials and furnishings is half the battle. Get a designer’s input before you start shelling out the big bucks for sofas, flooring and/or tile! (Furniture selections may require a spaceplan.)

This is how we really make our clients’ rooms shine. Let our decorating ninjas accessorize and style your space so everything looks tied together. Styling includes expert art installation, finesse with accessories, and arranging bookshelves so they’re visually de-cluttered. We can use your existing accessories, purchase new things, or a combination of both. Styling sessions typically last 3 hours for one room, additional rooms vary. If we need to freshen your look with new purchases, we usually need an additional 3-5 hours, depending on the length of your shopping list. (In-home styling sessions require a $35/hr styling assistant. No discount on styling assistant fees.)

Bookings are subject to availability. Discounts are applied to our current published rates and do not apply to travel fees, merchandise, or styling assistant. Expires June 15th.

Luchador paintings by Stephanie Nance. Buy prints here!