As you know, we would LOVE to win one of Apartment Therapy’s Homies–their awards for best home design and inspiration blogs. And we’re not above campaigning for it HARD. CORE. Hey, if it works for the Oscars, it can work for the Homies, no?

To get out the vote, we’re hosting a giveaway. The prize? Appropriately enough, this Apartment Therapy book:

Apartment Therapy: Big Book of Small, Cool Spaces

How do you enter to win? It’s pretty easy:

1. Go here and vote for our blog, Fu For Thought. You will have to log in/register but I swear I haven’t received any junk mail from AT since I registered ages ago, so this is pretty painless.

2. Take a screenshot or photo showing you’ve voted. It’ll look something like this (although it won’t feature my handy-dandy highlighted bar):

Apartment Therapy Homies awards for best home design and inspiration blogs, 2013. Please vote for our blog, Fu For Thought!

3. Share your screenshot/photo on Facebook, and post “Please help Fu For Thought win Best Home Design Blog!” **Be sure and tag Room Fu – Knockout Interiors or else we won’t be able to track who’s entered!

4. Vote and share by AT’s voting deadline of 11:59 pm EST on February 8, 2013 and you could win!

Entries will be assigned a number in order of entry time (according to the date/time of your Facebook share/post), starting with #1 (obvs). Upon the close of the voting/sharing period, we’ll use an online number generator to select the winner. Winner will be announced via this blog on February 9th. If you win, you’ll just need to contact us to pass along your address and we’ll send out your free copy of Apartment Therapy: Big Book of Cool, Small Spaces.

Even if we don’t win, one of our cherished voters will!

Thanks in advance to everyone who participates!