We ran a contest giveaway last week, asking people to RSVP to Room Fu’s upcoming 10-year anniversary party. Unable to come up with a high tech way to arrive at a winner, we put all of the “yays,” “nays” and “maybes” into a hat…

What? Doesn’t everyone use an aqua blue sparkly cowgirl hat to put their contest entry names into?

We shuffled everything around and then drew a winner:

Congratulations to Eileen Butt–you’ve won this upcycled mid-century wood vase!


Join us Saturday, July 13th at the Art on 5th gallery from 6-8pm to help us celebrate ten fantabulous years in business. Head over to our event page to RSVP–doing so will enter you to win our next giveaway leading up to the party. Hope to see you there!