This post comes to us from Kevin Grace–you’ll remember him as the engaging dude from Chicago on Season 6 of HGTV’s Design Star, and if you’re in Chicago, you might have seen “Kevin Grace: Save My Space” recently on Windy City Live. Kevin agreed to check out last weekend’s Chicago Modern Home Tour for us, and looking at these pics, I’m filled with SUCH envy. So wishing I’d been able to see these details in person. Thanks for suffering through six days of technological drama to share this post with us, Kevin! BTW, Kevin does NOT recommend the Microsoft Windows 8 Pro Tablet. Just an extra little tip from Kevin to you.


Last Saturday, I got to do two things I love: (1) Spend the day with my good friend, Lisa, and (2) Take a tour of the exclusively-selected homes on the Chicago Modern Home Tour...and, yes, do a little judging. The day could not have been more perfect. By now, we Chicagoans are used to the ugly side of fall–the cold and rainy side. But this day was perfect!!

House #1

We started with our first home, which was located on the city’s north side, just blocks from the famous Wrigley Field. From outside, you could tell that this was going to be an ultra modern piece of deliciousness. And by most standards, it was. You first walk into a semi-large, open living room with wood slat ceilings and a modern stone fireplace that ran all the way to the ceiling. More impressive, was the kitchen. Sleek and cool, you knew this would be the place you’d hang out in. Adjacent to the kitchen was a small sitting area with a ceiling ball of lights that would make anyone smile.

On the second floor, you’ll find the master bedroom, bath, and at the end of an unexpected floating hallway, a kitchy office space with a very mid-century fireplace. Unfortunately, due to some rather odd styling choices, we will not be featuring any other pics of those rooms. Let’s focus on the positive, shall we?

House #2

The second home we visited on the north side was just a little southwest of home #1. The exterior didn’t impress, but we were pleasantly surprised with what we found inside. When you walk in, you are immediately welcomed by all the concrete flooring and stairs. LOVE!

We made our way to the first level, which consisted of a small powder room with CRAZY/FUN wallpaper. I get it. The plan was to have guests spend as little time as possible in here. In and out, baby.

Then you are welcomed into the main hangout area, with mid-century styled furniture and a super cool kitchen with cabinets and countertops that I loved.

Oh, and let’s not forget the pendant light of superballs.

The bedrooms upstairs were all a bit small–and, ahem, very much lived in. The lower level housed a cute, cozy home office / TV area AND…my fave, a small European style “all in one” bathroom.

Awkward…but it has to be the cleanest bathroom around.

Home #3

Lisa and I jumped into the car and made our way to house #3, which was in the up-and-coming Logan’s Square neighborhood on the west side. Once again, we were worried by the looks of the outside that we would be in and out rather quickly.  Not the case. Coming in at #2 for Best of Tour, I give you home number 3. I would spend a lot of time describing it, but I think the pictures say it all…

Home #4

All I can say is, the doors were BRILLIANT.

I designed some cool-looking doors once. You might’ve seen it.


Home #5

…and FINALLY. The number one house on the tour. THE penthouse. This space was not chosen for the top spot just because it was the penthouse–although that played a big part. What makes this the number one home is the space, furniture layout, the AMAZZZZZZZING art, the fixtures, and of course, the view. Take a look and you’ll see:

Kevin and Lisa

So, to recap, we had the most amazing day, saw some of the most amazing homes, and met…yes, some of the most amazing people. Thank you, Robin, for letting us be your eyes in Chicago.


Kevin Grace


Thanks again, Kevin!

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Unless otherwise noted, photos courtesy of Kevin Grace.