Once upon a time, I set a client up with a paint contractor to get a bid on her interior painting. She ended up using another painter because she got a cheaper price from him, which made me dubious about the quality of paint job she was going to get from him. After the painting was completed, I visited her home for a follow-up consultation and was blown away by how meticulous her cheaper painter ended up being. All lines were straight, there weren’t those telltale signs of a sloppy job. I thought, “I have to get to know this guy!” Around the same time, another client had given me a recommendation for a contractor who did some make-ready work on a condo she was getting ready to sell.

Dang it if it didn’t turn out to be the same guy–Tino Castro of Escobedo Painting!


Since then, Tino and I have worked together on many, many paint projects–too many to count. We’re practically family, at this point! What I really appreciate is that after these paint projects are completed, I consistently receive unsolicited rave reviews about Tino’s work from my clients. They gush about how easy he is to work with, how fast his crew is and how reasonably priced the jobs turn out to be. I couldn’t agree more!

During one project, I had multiple contractors in a client’s house working on various parts of the design plan and one of them came up to me conspiratorially and said, “Man, there’s just no drama with that guy.” Unfortunately for him, he couldn’t say the same for his contractor boss! But that’s one of the things about Tino that I really love. He does a great job, he doesn’t charge you an arm and a leg, he gets in and gets out, and he is just the nicest guy.

Thank you Tino, for painting our winning guest bedroom!

If you need your house painted–whether it’s interior or exterior paint that you’re after–give Tino a call at (512) 845-9906. If you’re unsure of what paint colors to use–that’s where Room Fu’s color expertise can help! Call or text us for a consultation at (512) 797-5821.