The past three days have been a tad anxiety-ridden around the Room Fu world headquarters. There was a fight to the finish for first prize in our Guest Room Giveaway! I don’t think there’s ever been a sporting event more exciting and stressful to watch. Back and forth, back and forth–two contenders traded places for first and second place, off and on for three whole days and you just never knew who was going to come out on top. After 1,181 votes were cast, one competitor pulled away from the pack. At the risk of sounding like Bob Barker,

You’ve just won Room Fu’s Guest Room Giveaway!

This is Neesha's guest bedroom "BEFORE" shot.

You voted to give this guest bedroom a makeover worth up to $6,500!

As a reminder, here’s a breakdown of the guest bedroom makeover Neesha will receive:

LIGHTS FANTASTIC will provide a pair of lamps

LUSH LIVINGS will provide custom curtains

BOLT FABRICS is giving us 12 yards of interior fabric for a custom duvet cover

Austin Artist JUDY PAUL is contributing a large print from her collection

SEWING BY NORMA will sew the custom bedding

ESCOBEDO PAINTING will paint the room

Etsy seller CREATIVELADYS will provide a pair of decorative pillows

ROOM FU – KNOCKOUT INTERIORS will design the winning space

The total retail value of this prize package is worth up to $6,500–congratulations, Neesha!

But that’s not all, folks!

We at Room Fu could not allow our 2nd place competitor to stay home empty handed. It just seemed so wrong after such a Herculean effort! So…

Beth C., we’re going to spruce up your guest bedroom too!

Beth's guest bedroom will get a new look, too!

Beth's guest bedroom will get a new look, too!

Call it a redesign or a “shop your house” makeover–Room Fu’s design team will spend a day getting creative in Beth C.’s guest room, using whatever we can find in her house. By the time we’re through, Beth’s guest bedroom will rival some of the makeovers you’ve seen on TV! Don’t believe it? Stay tuned for “after” pictures!

But if two makeovers are great, what would you say to FIFTEEN MAKEOVERS?

That’s right–F-I-F-T-E-E-N makeovers! Every entry receiving ten votes or more will receive a 1-hr mini-makeover from Room Fu – Knockout Interiors!

I must have lost my mind, but all I could think when I looked at the ballot page and saw so many entrants who couldn’t possibly keep up the pace of the top two, I flat out got depressed for them. I thought, if that were me, I would be so completely bummed. We just can’t have people feeling bummed out when the whole point of the contest was to HAVE FUN!

Congratulations to Michelle C., Jason J., Laura L., Anna B., Rob B., Diana H., Wendy G., Kimberly F., Jen M., Michelle M., Natasha H., Amy L., and Justin P.! We’ll be calling you soon to schedule your mini-makeovers!

We’ll be meeting with Neesha next week to get the ball rolling on her makeover, but while we’re waiting for a custom duvet cover and custom curtains to be constructed, we’re going to get started on these other makeovers and we’ll be sharing pictures along the way.

You won’t believe your eyeballs!

STILL TO COME: The voter winning a free 1-hour in-home consultation will be announced later.

If you’d like to schedule your own makeover, call or text us at (512) 797-5821.