Guess who made a New Year’s resolution to raise their website from the dead in 2022? This girl! And I wanna be all

Me & my blog in lover's embrace meme

…but instead I’m all

Run from it, dread it, destiny arrives all the same. Quote from Thanos in Infinity Wars movie.

Instead of traditional resolutions, I’m repeating something I did the year before the pandemic hit us, and that is to create twelve challenges instead of resolutions and do one for each month. As a 30-day challenge, it’s so much easier to tackle, and I actually found myself looking forward to the things I chose to do, instead of shrugging them off after a few days or weeks.

So January 2022? My challenge this month is to address my website and blog properly, like a grown ass woman. Some days I’ll be working on updating my super old portfolio, some days I’ll be writing blog posts. Weekends are off the table unless I’m feeling inspired, because

Work/Life Balance meme

Curious to know what my other 11 are going to be? So far I only have a list of 9, but here they are:

  1. Website stuff. Covered.
  2. Dress professionally every weekday. On days when I work on spaceplanning or selecting things like rugs, sofas, and light fixtures for a client, I’m typically rocking that pandemic trash attire we’ve all grown so fond of. But I did this challenge for a month back in the salad days of 2019, and I really loved it, so I’m bringing that in 2022.
  3. Take time to use a facial product every night. I don’t know why it’s so hard to take care of my skin, or why I will acquire so many facial masks and not use a single one, but tha’s me, and I have the lines on my face to prove it.
  4. Bake & share once a week. This one is thanks to the many, many episodes (obsessive levels) of The Great British Baking Show, Beautiful Baking with Juliet Sear, and Christmas Cookie Challenge I watched over the holidays. I always want to make all of these delectable treats and sweets but I’m both sugar-free and on a diet, and my fam can’t/won’t eat everything I want to make. During one month, I’ll spread the wealth and foist my bakes on other people. This way I can create all of the goodies I’ve ogled, but my family don’t have to feel obligated to eat it all themselves. Because that’s such a hardship, no? Sarcasm, sarcasm.
  5. Purge ten things every day. I’m using active restraint not upping it to 20 things a day. Can’t wait for this one, actually!
  6. Upcycle project once a week. I lurv taking something fugly and transforming it into something awesome. That’s why I became an interior designer in the first place! I like making over all kinds of things beyond my work on kitchen and bathroom remodels, like taking things I find at the Goodwill Outlets in Austin and turning them into something I’ve seen on Pinterest. I’ll try to tackle some of the projects I already have waiting in the wings and get ‘er done!
  7. Meditate every day. Self-explanatory. My family and my psyche would probably appreciate me putting that one on deck for February.
  8. Buy fresh flowers once a week. I just don’t indulge in this enough!
  9. Read books at night instead of trolling the Internets. 

As we launch a new year, I have a few wishes for 2022. That we’ll continue to creatively adapt to the challenges of living with a pandemic and do what we can to keep each other healthy. That fulfillment issues will ease, so we can get that new furniture we want, or the tile that we need, or even little things like the effing cabinet hardware that we like. First world problems, for sure, but gawd damn, throw the world a bone, Covid-19! I hope that we’ll make braver, more personal choices in our home decor selections and not just do what our neighbors are doing or what Pinterest tells us we should be doing. Have we not seen enough gray for a thousand years? I wish for good moods, for several good days or even weeks strung together, for…ease. Maybe that’ll be my word for 2022.