Tonight’s episode of Design Star will feature the infamous white room challenge, where the designers will work independently on their own faux room, so I’m anxious to see if Tashica will rise to the occasion or finally meet her doom. Surely, this is what the producers are hoping for, since why else would she still remain on the show after failing miserably two weeks in a row? (You don’t think it’s just the three judges calling the shots, do you?)

Seeing this post got me all incensed over last week’s episode again. Tashica’s telling us that Dan told her not to accessorize that unfinished kitchen? Even if he did, (a) Dan’s not the boss of you (Amy was), and (b) you’re a big enough girl to figure out that in a competition setting, you’d better have something to show for yourself.

But what the H do I know? She’s still there, taking up space, right?

I also hope those homeowners don’t feel backhanded by Tashica’s statement that the team replaced the broken bottle(s) with four new bottles, “all of better quality than the one that broke.” The implication being, those people had a bunch of Two Buck Chuck and we got them something decent.

Way to go, backhanding the clients to make yourself look better.

All I can say is, I need to have my faith restored in the judging process of this show. I want to feel like the person going home in tonight’s episode was eliminated for just cause and not because of some kind of trash TV shenanigans. This is HGTV, not MTV. Grownups are watching.

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