I received my first hate mail today, a milestone I consider something to celebrate. After all, if you’re blah enough not to ruffle any feathers anywhere, you’re just boring. In my opinion.
So, Chad in Houston–I assume Houston–is upset that I’ve been “dogging” Torie on HGTV’s Design Star. He said when I called her a “pageant girl,” that was “classless.”
Well geez. “Pageant girl” is one of the nicest things I’ve said in reference to Torie. To call me out for that comment…well, it really cracked me up!
I should go on record as saying that I have nothing against any of the Design Star contestants, including Torie. Unless they do something I think is jacked up. If I don’t like someone’s design on the show, that is my opinion. My opinion happens to be based on a design degree and twenty years of experience, but if that’s not valid enough for you, or if you happen to disagree, the Internets provide you with a boatload of other reading opportunities elsewhere.
In case some readers have not scrolled through the archives, I have freely admitted that I have tried out to be on Design Star and Top Design in the past. This does not make me jealous of people who made it onto the show…but it does mean I have higher expectations for the design level I see on the show than the average person might. I have always been demanding that way.
It is also possible for me to not like some of the work but not have anything against the designer on a personal level, but that is probably a new concept for Chad. Season 3 runner-up Matt Locke is a fan of my blog and a relatively new buddy, despite some negative comments I made about his work during the last season. We share a mutual respect, and that is something I appreciate.
In any case, I thought it was a weenie move to email me directly rather than comment on a particular post he took issue with. I welcome any and all comments, so long as the profanity is held to a minimum. After all, I do have many clients who aren’t big potty-mouths like I am.
As for my work, Chad thinks my work is “elementary and ugly.” I’ll let you be the judge.