In case you didn’t read this posting a while back, I despise my HOA and aside from maintaining the common grounds, don’t see it being very useful or effective. Here’s a story about one of my clients who’s being sued by his HOA in a case that seems to be nothing but a timesuck:

So Joe put an expensive metal roof on his house without HOA approval and they want him to either take it off or paint it. Why Joe’s HOA wants to make an issue out of this, is beyond me. They think it causes a glare. Well, folks…so do windows. Are we outlawing windows next?

I know, I know…if you just let people haul off and make changes to their house without HOA approval, it’ll lead to anarchy! Anarchy in Treemont! Gasp!–clutch pearls.

Odds are, this was all started by one disgruntled neighbor (in our ‘hood, his name is Darwin) who doesn’t understand the concepts “big picture” or “the greater good.”