I’m gearing up to have a chat with one of my favorite Canadians (Candice Olson, in case I haven’t bored enough people bragging about it by now), so I’ve had a bit of Canada on the brain lately. And for me, that means a fair amount of fantasizing about living in Montreal–one of my favorite cities. If I did live in Montreal, I would:

1. Learn French (duh) because not only does this Texas twang sound g-r-e-a-t when it says, “ooh ay luh metro?” but I also don’t want to be stoned at the city limits. And by “stoned,” I mean with rocks.

2. I would head straight to L’Express for a big bowl of hot cocoa. Because in Montreal it would not be 105 degrees in the shade like it is here in the heart of Texas and drinking hot bevs wouldn’t make me cry.

3. I would buy this supercool cabinet off Craigslist:

4. Then I would head over to Simons for these lovelies:

5. This is the apartment I would rent, close to Rue St. Denis and Jeanne-Mance Park. Too friggin’ cute.

Or maybe this pricey penthouse in Old Montreal…after all, it’s a fantasy, right?

Ahhh, the life.