It’s been a LONG time since I’ve interviewed any of the famous folks in the design world, but now that Williams-Sonoma has asked me to start doing interviews for Designer Marketplace, I’ll be doing a lot more of that going forward.

On the books? Several of my Design Star faves!


I’m starting with Season 3 runner-up, Matt Locke. We probably talk once or twice a week, so it was actually challenging to conduct a “serious” interview with him.


Chatting with Kim Myles, Season 2 winner and host of Myles of Style on Tuesday! I just found out she’s Claire’s all-time favorite television designer and I’ve never spoken with her before, but Matt says she’s superfun and sassy so you know I’m looking forward to that!


Season 4 winner and host of The Antonio Treatment, Antonio Ballatore, comes next! Check out the last interview I did with Antonio and let’s see how things have changed between then and now!

And who’s rounding out the last week of March?

David Bromstad — About

The dude who put Design Star on the map in the first place: Season 1 winner and host of Color Splash, David Bromstad! It’ll be my first time to interview him too, so I’m pumped!