Jennsylvania beat me to the punch recently. After reading her blog entry about how much she loved the PB Teen catalog, I was reminded of telling Jeb a month or so ago that I wanted everything in their most recent collection. The couch above is so totally me, and would undoubtedly take a beating from my 3-year old. I also love their study area org stuff (although they’re way pricey for what you’re getting) and have long wished I were young and svelte enough to get up out of their low lounge sectionals without a lot of groaning and work involved. I just love their boxy, chunky shape. And this rug is too cool, I don’t care how old you are:

I’ve been trolling the website and catalog periodically to find offbeat objects, but that last mailing–well, I felt like I was five years old again and going through the Sears Big Wish catalog. “I want everything on this page, and everything on this page…”

What does that say about me, that as a 41-year old designer, my guilty pleasure is the PB Teen catalog? I wish I could say I read it for the articles…

Speaking of the Pottery Barn, thank gawd they finally got out of the dang barn with this last catalog. I don’t know about you, but the one before this was a little too Farmhand for my taste and went straight into the recycling bin. Sort of a poor man’s Sundance Catalog…except I didn’t even want to get all pretend cowgirl about it. Didn’t want a thing in the Fall/Winter issues. Not that I’m a huge PB devotee or anything (aside from my recent obsession w/the Teen stuff), but this recent catalog is full of COLOR. And FUN! One might think the folks in the buying dept. must’ve gotten whiplash from the 180-degree style turn. Pretty smart too, and not just because of the change in seasons. With all the doom and gloom in the media lately, you can’t help but smile when you see all this saturated color.