Every year it seems like retailers drop the holiday bomb earlier and earlier.  This usually inspires a lot of moaning and groaning.  “It isn’t even Halloween yet!” you hear many of your friends and co-workers cry.

Well, I say, BRING. IT. ON.

I’m a HUGE fan of Christmas.  They can start the season in September, if you ask me.  I love the baking, I love the decorating, I love seeing Santa at the mall (when I deign to go there).  I love the smell of cinnamon pine cones wafting through Bed Bath & Beyond.  My heart skips a beat at the sight of those magic red cups at Starbucks, signaling the return of all of their yummy pumpkin, creme brulee and peppermint offerings. I love the sales, I love the idea of a roaring fire in the fireplace, I love brainstorming about the perfect gifts.  And gawd help the other two Callans, who, every year have to contend with, “Can we buy a tree yet?  Can we buy a tree yet?  Can we buy a tree yet?”  I can be merciless.

I have decorated a Christmas tree on October 16th before.  True story.

But really, what’s not to love?  Aside from parking mayhem at the mall, that is.  Everything looks a little more sparkly, a little more twinkly, and all of the regular decorating rules about clutter and bling don’t apply.  Everything tends to look a little bland and depressing when all the glitz comes down on New Year’s Day.

All that to say, I will unabashedly join the fray.  My Holiday-inspired Catalog Crawl is coming up next!