Is your glass (of green beer) half full? Make your friends and neighbors green with envy on St. Paddy’s Day. Fu For Thought is having its first contest and the prize is a free one-hour makeover! This is not one of those blasted sweepstakes things…there are no accountants doing any tabulating or anything, this is just a wee bit of fun to counteract all the doom and gloom on TV and the Interwebs these days.

To win:

1. It’d be better if you lived in the Austin city limits, but if you are an existing client, I will come wherever you are.

2. Leave a comment here with brief details about one of your luckiest days.

3. The writer of my favorite story wins, so make it a good one. If you’re going to say something like, “the day I met my wife was the luckiest of my life…” then it’d better be because you missed a layover connection and wifey was on your alternate flight home and not just because a friend set you up.

4. This mini-makeover must occur on March 17th, 2009 and will comprise a one hour room redesign. Room Fu’s Design Guru will “shop” throughout your house, using your own furnishings and decorative accessories to makeover the room of her choosing.

5. Winner’s before and after photos will appear on a future blog post.

Good luck!