As I was styling a client’s living room this week, I was reminded of how often I’m on the hunt for decorative accessories that can handle (and be handled by) kiddos of all ages. The criteria? To be baby-proof, you have to use pieces sizable  enough that a toddler won’t choke on, plus these puppies have to be non-breakable objects that can be thrown on the floor a few thousand times. Oh, and preferably they won’t cost a lot, because you don’t want to have a coronary every time the little ones touch anything, right? Here are a few things I’ve used in various clients’ homes that have fit the bill…

This week we picked up some vintage bingo cards and a $5 tambourine to use as decorative accents on my client’s coffee table ottoman.

Anything paper mache is perfection when it comes to kid-safe decor. How about this sophisticated, modern bowl in on-trend white and gold?

Paper Mache Bowl in White and Gold from Etco, via Etsy. $15.

Potted faux succulents add a bit of kid-friendly greenery to your space. Crate & Barrel has the best looking ones in the biz but I also find realistic options at Pier 1.

Books are easy to work with. Although they may get tossed around or acquire chewed edges, that just adds character, right? Earthquake putty keeps items on top of books “nailed” down.

Wood vases and bowls are a great non-breakable alternative to ceramic and glass.

Vinager Bowls and Vases from IKEA, $5.99-$24.99.

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. There are some pretty bad-ass looking toys on the market, including hipster dwellings like this one, disguised as a doll house. Even better? It’s on sale right now for waaaay cheap.

Ben Holiday House, from CB2. $19.95 on sale, reg. $49.95.

These oversized wool pebbles from CB2 are a great alternative to decorative balls and are plenty soft.

Wool Pebbles from CB2, $.95 ea. on sale, reg. $6.95-12.95.

Speaking of wool balls, here’s a colorful option:

Set of 6 Large Felt Balls from WildMarigold via Etsy, $28.

Woven baskets from Africa, made out of telephone wire, come in all sorts of colors and patterns. They can be thrown like a frisbee, so they’re really worry-free!

Designed by Room Fu. Photo by Suzi Q. Varin / Q Weddings.

Do you have a tip to share for kid-safe decorative accessories that look grown-up?