I received the following note tonight from a reader named Leonard:

Robin, I enjoyed reading both your Designer Marketplace blog and the “Hell, Fire and Brimstone” musings for difficult clients. This led me to your blog, where I began reading your latest post, the Design on a Dime review. I had thought you educated and well bred until I read the word “sucked” several times. This type of language from a professional designer is a complete turn-off. It may fly with your casual friends or the Austin crowd, but you’ve offended my good taste with your choice of words!

Here’s the deal, Leonard…I find the phrase “well-bred” offensive and not something I would ever aspire to be, so that makes us even.

Furthermore…and this may come as a huge shock, Leonard…even those who have achieved the highest level of education in the world recognize that sometimes there are things that suck.

It takes all kinds of designers to make the world go ’round, Leonard.  If you’re the type of person who never utters the phrase, “that sucks,” then count me among the folks who never want to sit next to you at a dinner party.  This blog is intended to both inform and entertain…if you are not entertained, the Internets offer a mighty wide-ranging selection of other reading options that won’t offend your delicate sensibilities.  You have my blessing to gaze elsewhere and leave this blog to “the Austin crowd.”