We have a five-light halogen light fixture in our kitchen that had declined to the point of having one lone working bulb in it. Every night I felt a little like Laura Ingalls Wilder, making dinner out on the prairie with only a candle to illuminate my mise en place. Evenings found me cursing my lone halogen bulb and its gross inadequacy–cursing the light fixture itself as well. Had this fixture been designed to make switching the bulbs easier, maybe we wouldn’t have avoided changing the bulbs so long in the first place. One stupid bulb will tell you how far we will go to avoid the task.

We’ve often fantasized about buying LED bulbs retrofitted for halogen fixtures, but had been hesitant for two reasons: (1) their spendy price, and (2) I wanted to avoid the tell-tale blue glow LED lights are known for. When I found myself near The Lightbulb Shop between appointments recently, I ponied up a kidney (a.k.a. $75) and purchased three “daylight” bulbs. Why didn’t I get the fourth? I couldn’t bring myself to spend a whole Benjamin on effing lightbulbs, no matter how long they’ll last. I also point out the word “daylight” because this is supposed to assure you of having light quality closer to an incandescent bulb than typical LED lights.

Excitedly, I brought home my gold ingots light bulbs and sweet talked Jeb into installing them. I have never been able to manage it–that is how ridiculously complicated it is to change the bulbs on this fixture. Once he switched them out, I flipped the switch with pride.

Only to feel transported to a garage-slash-operating-theater.

To say this light quality is hideous is an understatement. I am not sure what it is about these bulbs that would ever inspire anyone in the free world (except the marketing department) to refer to them as “daylight.” I feel deflated, ripped off, and to be honest, I so effing dread wrestling with changing the bulbs again I am temped to leave these abominations in the damn ceiling. We may resort to switching out the fixture itself and not just the lightbulbs.

I share this to prevent you from making the same mistake. For now, stick to your blasted halogen bulbs.