Kathryn Ireland of Bravo's Million Dollar Decorators decorated Lindsay Lohan's Beverly Hills home but the actress refuses to film the reveal for the show.

Kathryn Ireland vs. Lindsay Lohan. Photos via BravoTV and RawSignal.

LINDZ: I will not trot out the tears for some dumb decorating show.

MANAGER: But Bravo spent $200,00 on furnishings and window treatments. They’re just asking for one surprised expression. Maybe a gasp. Honey, you know you can do it in your sleep.

LINDZ: It’s just so Trading Spaces. I’m not some moron who can’t pick out a couch.

MGR: Well you didn’t pick out these couches, and you didn’t pay for ’em, either. C’mon, at least Bravo’s better than the Lifetime network. Maybe they’ll ask you to do a shotski with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens.

LINDZ: What, the clubhouse? Are you kidding me?

MGR: Hey, Martha Stewart did a shotski. Meryl Streep did a shotski. TMZ would crap their pants if you’d do a shotski on live television.

Or so I imagine how the convo went down, after reading this article. Thanks to Rich P., for the inspiration!