I just noticed a headline on CNN’s home page titled “6 Simple Ways to Save Energy at Home” which turned out to be an article from the magazine Real Simple.  I thought, oh, maybe I can Twitter that.

Real Simple?  Try real boring.

Their CNN-worthy tips?  Switch to compact fluorescent lightbulbs. Install a low-flow showerhead.  Wash your clothes in cold water.

In other words, we can’t afford to pay a good writer to create something original, so we’ll just regurgitate the same old editorial crap we’ve served you twice a year since the dawn of man.

It doesn’t seem fair that this magazine is still in business but those of real value like Blueprint, Domino and Home Magazine have all bit the dust.  And it seems beyond lazy of CNN to feature this article under the heading “Latest News.”

Not to mention, if you are one of the few shelter mags remaining in the wasteland that is the current publishing industry, recycling content is not the way to lure readers of now-defunct magazines to your rag.

Just sayin’.