I’m always psyched when I see the Domino logo on the newsstand. Since the magazine folded ages ago, they’ve come back with special edition publications. The Spring 2013 issue is titled Small Spaces and has tons of organizational tips delivered in a manner that makes such typically boring fodder way more interesting. But here’s why I really bought it:


If I see loads of bright color and interesting use of pattern while I’m flipping through a magazine, I will buy that sucker so fast it’ll make your head spin. Here’s a taste:


I love the mood of a deep blue room–it’s a great mix of drama and conservative flair.


These are the things that make me think, “Oh yeah, I should try that sometime!” Things like: a monochromatic pink space, a painted modern ceiling medallion above a pendant light, and an attractively boxy garden design (including a great how-to on how to recreate it).

I definitely recommend picking up this issue, whether you have a small space or not. It’s packed full of fun and funky spaces that’ll get those remodeling and redecorating ideas flowing!

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