We’re chatting about the April issue of Dwell in today’s Magazine Monday. Some highlights you won’t want to miss…

Boston architects Eric Howeler and Meejin Yoon’s modern, small-scale courtyard garden design packs a few plants, a seating area and a water feature into a tight space:

Dwell Magazine, April 2013.

Lusting over these circle grid stair railings in architect Tamira Sawatzky’s and artist Elle Flanders’ Toronto home/studio:

Dwell Magazine, April 2013. Photo by Naomi Finlay.

From the same home, this colorful living room floats my boat:

Dwell Magazine, April 2013. Photo by Naomi Finlay.

I don’t pick up Dwell very often (the spaces are so unattainable!), but when I do, there’s always a funky, mod treehouse in the magazine. Here’s the one from this issue:

Dwell Magazine, April 2013

Hard to mention Dwell without including a note about Unhappy Hipsters. Monday’s a good day for a few laughs at Dwell imagery via this hilarious blog. You will literally laugh out loud, all caps.

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