Australia's Inside Out and the UK's Livingetc magazines, full of home decor inspiration.

Thanks to Suzi Q for gifting me with several home decor mags from the UK and Australia! She was decluttering and knew I’d love to check them out.

I especially appreciate the bounty of Livingetc mags–one of my faves in the home decor genre. It’s ironic, considering their reputation for being so much more reserved than Americans, but Brits tend to be freer with color in their home decor. They paint funky colors on their walls, they buy appliances in outrageous hues–so as a color junkie, I’m in heaven when perusing their magazines.

It occurs to me that it would be nice to share some of what pops out at me as I go through them, so from now on, I invite you to start your work week with me and Magazine Monday! Each Monday, I’ll give you a peek inside the issue of the week and I’ll also pin some of the featured products on my Home Decor board on Pinterest (see what I pinned today). I’ll start with Livingetc’s February 2013 issue:

Cover of the February 2013 issue of the UK magazine, Livingetc.

Here’s what caught my eye:

Color and pattern!

Spread in Livingetc February 2013 issue of the UK home decor magazine.

A pink geometric patterned sofa and blue and yellow geometric wallpaper, as featured in Livingetc's February 2013 issue of the UK modern home decor magazine.

This plexi coffee table features hot pink sand. Want it!

A plexiglass coffee table displays hot pink sand, as featured in the February 2013 issue of the UK's Livingetc modern home decor magazine.

An emerald green glass backsplash. So clean, so simple, so stylish.

This modern kitchen, featured in Livingetc's February 2013 issue, has an emerald green glass backsplash.

Loving this mod “garden shed.”

A modern garden shed, as featured in Livingetc's February 2013 issue.

Check back next Monday for another “episode” of Magazine Monday!

What shelter magazines are you obsessed with? Anything out-of-the-ordinary that you think we should add to our reading list?