Magazine Monday: Vogue Living / Australia

By now you may be aware of my recent fascination with Australian home decor magazines, so it’s probably no surprise that I make a beeline at the bookstore for anything with “Australia” in the title. Vogue Living: Australia caught my attention and I probably spent more time looking at every detail of this magazine than any other thus far. Although I was disappointed to get home and discover this is the Jan/Feb issue and not the latest, I found plenty to oogle and drool over, and besides, the main topic is summertime and here we are in it.

What I really appreciated about this issue was the range of decor that they covered. There were seemingly hundreds of images of stark, modern, architectural homes–just what you would expect in Vogue Living. If you’re a Modern Home Tour fan, you’ll love a lot of what you see in here. But they also showcased vintage-inspired, colorful outdoor furniture, which I didn’t expect to see:

Vogue Living Australia, Jan/Feb 2013.

Other takeaways…

I love the mix of Victorian and modern styles in this cute staircase designed by Australian stylist Jessica Ducrou–an area often overlooked in many homes in terms of decorating opportunities:

Vogue Living Australia, Jan/Feb 2013.

Taking texture over the top really works in this modern bar design at the Dedon Island Resort:

Vogue Living Australia, Jan/Feb 2013.

Filing this seagrass-covered upstairs loft, designed by Sydney architect Dennis Rabinowitz, under “wish I’d thought of that!”

Vogue Living Australia, Jan/Feb 2013.

You can buy this and other issues of Vogue Living Australia via Zinio.

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  1. Nicole May 22, 2013 at 12:49 am

    I love the little glass pendants in the house of Jessica Ducrou (Vogue Living Jan/Feb 2013)! However I can’t find what the brand is or where you can purchase them. Unfortunately I can’t get hold of this old issue of Vogue Living. Would you know?

    Thanks heaps!

  2. Robin May 22, 2013 at 9:10 am

    They look vintage, so I’d check places like eBay, Rejuvenation ( and/or your local Habitat ReStore.

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