Beth C. fought so hard to win our Guest Room Giveaway, we had to do a little something extra for her–our second place winner–when we started passing out additional prizes for that contest. So the whole Room Fu team–Claire, Candis and I–spent the entire day at Beth and husband Jason’s house in Central Austin, redoing their guest bedroom using items they already had around the house. As you might remember from the voting ballot, here’s what Beth and Jason’s guest bedroom looked like before:

Beth's guest bedroom will get a new look, too!


Beth and Jason just moved into their adorable home about two months ago and have had their hands full creating great bedrooms for themselves and their little boy, Jude, so their guest bedroom had been on the back burner. The movers literally set the furniture down and it hasn’t moved since. When we arrived, Beth mentioned that if there were a few things that would really finish the room, they were willing to buy paint or curtains or whatever. So we came up with a budget to include those items and a couple of curtain rods and we did a little speed shopping before we got down to work on the room!

We didn’t have time to paint the entire space, but we knew we could at least paint an accent wall, so we selected a shade of teal that made the existing beige and gold bedding come alive. This color also set off the beautiful wood in the room too–both in the flooring and on the bed.

Once the paint was dry, we knew we had to resolve a common issue–how to make windows and furniture play nicely together. Having a bed or sofa in front of a window is not bothersome at all if they’re centered with each other. Once you break that alignment, things start to look wonky, and that’s what was happening in this room. It was just a matter of repositioning the bed.



Thanks to a little muscle from Jason (can you believe these walls are solid concrete?!), we hung new rods and gray curtains to finish the windows. The art over the bed was found in the room, it just hadn’t been hung up yet, and the pillows in purple shams had been buried beneath the duvet. Of course we pulled those out front and center! With Beth’s blessing, we raided her fabric stash and sewed a decorative pillow in a coordinating print. Now the bed looks finished and the windows are dressed–all we needed was some art over the dresser. Claire channeled her inner David Bromstad and painted this canvas with materials she’d brought from home:



Recycling an old picture frame and using it to showcase another piece of fabric from Beth’s sewing studio gave us additional free art for the room. Branches from bushes outside added some greenery and a purple painted guitar from the couple’s attic fit right in like a piece of sculpture in the room.

So there you have it–a day in the life of a one-day makeover, from start to finish! We had such fun creating this space for Beth and Jason and thank them for helping to make our Guest Room Giveaway contest such a success! The best part? This adorable “thank you” from Jude:

Stay tuned for more 1-hour mini-makeovers, as Makeover Madness continues…