Our spree of Makeover Madness spawned from our Guest Room Giveaway continues! Last Thursday found us at the home of Michelle C., whose guest bedroom looked like this when we arrived:



Michelle C.’s guest bedroom felt a tad bare. The truth is, Michelle has not one but two guest bedrooms, so it’s natural that they’re not completely fleshed out yet. What can we do in a little one-hour mini-makeover, you ask?

The first thing we need is to do is bring new life into the bedding, because truthfully that is where a bedroom’s decor should evolve from and this blue comforter is looking a tad sad and dated. We discover another comforter in a soft green, some darker green pillows on a futon in the spare room, and a striped decorative pillow in a closet and we’re off and running. We find other pillows in the closet to dress the futon, so we don’t even have to leave the futon devoid of decoration!



We change out the art next to the window with a metal piece we find stashed in another closet. The new art accentuates the vertical space and adds some color to the wall. A cluster of small mirrors also await us in the closet and find a new home in a random arrangement on a previously bare wall. What a treasure trove Michelle’s closet turns out to be!

A few books and a basket are all the bookshelves need to feel styled, and the addition of a bit of greenery from the backyard in a collection of clear glass jars from the garage softens the hard lines of the headboard.




Can you believe that all of these great pieces of decor were just sitting around in a closet and spare room? It just goes to show you how you can make huge changes in the look of a room without buying all new decor. Sometimes just changing up the combination of things is all you need to freshen or finish a space.

What’s in your closet? Need help finishing off your own guest bedroom before the holidays hit? Call or text us at (512) 797-5821 to see how we can transform your space in as little as one hour!