There are few styles more visually relaxing than minimalism, and no town on the planet does minimalism better than Marfa, Texas. My girl trip out there with BFF Karen last weekend didn’t start out with a bang (thankfully) but after our initial misadventures, we had more of a tranquil experience. Some stress-free scenes from around town:

Karen and I pose for a selfie on the outskirts of town.

Marfa’s iconic water tower.

Big sky.

The view from our chain hotel in Alpine, TX after our hip rental didn’t work out.

Memorial bike? On Hwy 17 between Marfa and Fort Davis.

Downtown Marfa. Beautiful grillwork.

Stark facade.

One of the many Judd Foundation offices.

Yes, that Bryan Adams. Aside from Andy Warhol’s Last Supper at the Ayn Foundation, this exhibition of black & white photography was the best show in town.

Can’t wait for this to become a reality. (Construction starting soon.)

Yeah, I used a purple filter. But it was still amazing.

“Tiled” wall mural made of 100s of photos of clouds and sky. Spotted at Tienda M.

One of the many Food Shark company cars. All vintage, all ultra cool.

Stay tuned for some fresh home decor goodies spied in both Fredericksburg and Marfa.