Thanks to client/reader Kelly, I was turned on to White Furniture, a great resource for reproduction mid-century furniture she stumbled upon in her daughter’s NYU neighborhood.  I like a good Womb chair as much as the next person, but I don’t like the fiscal fetal position it would put me in to buy a real one.   You can get it from Design Outta Reach for as much as $5,379, depending on your fabric selection:

womb_chair_real…or you can save a few Benjamins and buy this one from White Furniture for $550:


About the only difference I can see is in the size of the back pillow, and I’m sure the fabric quality will not be quite as high as with the authentic one.  But I think I could live with that.

White Furniture isn’t above selling superspendy things either, but for the most part, your jaw will sorta drop.