How many times have you looked at your built-in entertainment wall unit and thought it was just too much? Too much wood, too heavy-looking, too much of the same ‘ol same ‘ol? Here’s a project I recently completed that will illustrate one easy way to transform that area of your room:



Lining the back of the bookcase area with grasscloth broke up the mass of dark color and added a textural element to the built-ins. What you cannot see in this snapshot is that I didn’t even permanently adhere the wallpaper to the wood. My client wanted to give this idea a trial run as well as protect the wood finish, so I simply mounted the wallpaper to tightly-fitting foam core and let the adjustable wood shelves hold it all in place.

The beauty part is that if she wanted to, my client could easily create another look by flipping the foam core around and mounting a different wallpaper pattern to the reverse side.

Presto, change-o.