I expected that once my superamazing new site design was revealed I’d be all, LOOK AT THIS, and LOOK AT THIS, and here’s another reason to look at my blog’s new design! but my cat Larry, a.k.a. Skippyjon Larry, a.k.a. Big Orange Kitty, has had a hard time this week.  Three hours spent at the emergency veterinary clinic  Wednesday night, one day hospitalization Thursday, kitty meds five times a day including force-fed distilled water, and $720 thrown at various veterinarians and custom-compounding local pharmacists means I’ve also had a hard time this week.  Which (hopefully) will explain the low dosage of blog posts I’ve been able to crank out the past few days–especially the ones I had planned to write about some of HGTV’s new shows.

I swear I’m not one of those crazy cat ladies.  Ahem.

So while my new iPhone is waking me up every few hours to administer stuff to a sick cat, here’s a short and sweet little item:


Build your own Modernica Shell Chair in seven minutes or less?  For $375?  Is this crazy talk?

If you’re in the ATX, for a limited time you can get your customizable rocker at IF+D.