I heart this book. It’s kind of a mind-meld of The Secret and your basic feng shui how-to. The author’s very down-to-Earth and her philosophy boils down to doing things with intent. Where feng shui might dictate that you have a cheesy water fountain in an exact corner of your house to produce cash flow, this author suggests that you can put anything in that corner and as long as you tell yourself, “this represents an increase in cash flow,” then every time you see it you’ll be reminded of good cash flow and you can use this level of intent to focus your energies on the things you want to bring about.

I’m not into the whole hocus-pocus of feng shui per se, (I’m a poet and didn’t know it), but it’s undeniable that there are certain elements that make good design sense…and when your home and/or work environment are in harmony, I swear you will feel better about things in general. So if you feel like you’re in a rut or had shelved your New Year’s resolution to declutter, this may be a fun way to invite some positive change into your life.

Your design guru has spoken.