I recently began working with a photographer on his new studio space and the subject of a rust effects paint I used on the fireplace below came up.

While discussing the (exciting) possibility of using this material on the main entrance wall, I mentioned the problems we had when the sealer was applied over the rusted finish on this fireplace. All of the beautiful rust patterns disappeared and the whole look was destroyed. It was so disheartening that the homeowner, who’d applied the rust surface originally, couldn’t bring herself to repeat the process and hired me to tackle the second round. We didn’t seal it this time, so the question my photographer client and I were pondering was, would the unsealed rust rub off?

I called the fireplace client to get some reconnaissance info and this is the message she returned:

“I have no idea if the rust would rub off, but if you’d like me to go rub my butt against it to see what happens, I’m happy to do that. Love you!”

Do you see why I love my people?!