I’m on the hunt for end and side tables for my living room but so far haven’t found just the right pieces within my budget. Here’s a selection of the ones I’ve come across that I’m either still considering or wish would work:

I’ve wanted to place this table in a client’s home for over a year now. The simple curves and wooden peg joinery make this table a timeless classic.

This ecclectic piece may still make it into my living room…still debating!

I love this silhouette and small scale…great for a little pop of glitz and glamour. At around $100, the price is super hot too!

Another table I’ve been lusting over for some time. I may flank my new sofa with a pair of these babies.

This is a recent find that I just luuuv. Still on my short list.

Although a bit more traditional than I normally go for, this table makes me smile. After all, it’s a stack of polka dots! I’d order this in a heartbeat if my budget weren’t so tight.

Don’t you love the lines of this stunner? Since my seating is very retro, I’m sensitive to turning the living room into a mid-century set, which I think would happen if my tables feature the slightest twinge of that era…otherwise, this would be perfect.

I love the weight and graphic nature of this table. It haunts me, so who knows…maybe it’ll turn up next to my new tangerine chair after all.