I’ve never been one to lust after the beefcake they tend to parade around when it comes to home shows on TV. Ty‘s too obnoxious, Carter is nice-looking but doesn’t seem like much of a braintrust, and this dude is just too full of himself.

That has changed since HGTV started airing Income Property, starring Scott McGillivray.

I first noticed Scott on From the Ground Up, as Debbie Travis’ trusted right-hand man. Somewhat Carter Lite in the looks dept., he wins me over with his adorable Canadian accent and his brilliant schemes for helping people turn portions of their homes into income-generating rentals.

The show itself is great too. I’m a sucker for the fantasy of reducing or eliminating your mortgage payment and earning equity off the sweat of someone else’s brow. I find the homeowners McGillivray deals with annoying though. Nine times out of ten, they choose Option 1 out of two that are presented. Option 2 is always the smarter deal…but comes at some sacrifice in terms of budget or convenience. I can tell Scott wants to curse at them when they take Option 1. He seems to want to help them generate the most income they can possibly get…settling for less doesn’t seem to be his style.

Come to my house, Scott. I’ll pick Option 2!