I’ve noticed a pattern in my life lately. When I was in my twenties I scooped up everything I saw in shell pink. In my thirties it was robin’s egg blue. My forties? It looks like it will be the Decade of Orange.

I bought these shoes recently at the Shoe Pavillion for $25 and they are the most comfortable things I’ve ever put on my feet. Three days after purchasing them, I was wearing them in line at Luby’s (c’mon, you know you have to have the Luanne Platter now and again) and noticed the woman in line just behind me was also wearing them. Maybe they will be the next Crocs. Which would make me sad. When it comes to Crocs, I’m a hater. Sorry.

I love the sleekness and lacquered finish of this desk from West Elm, which I recently snapped up for a client’s office. It’s wonderful to find a spare-looking desk like this that still has a bit of storage (two sizable flat drawers). The icing on the cake is that it’s soooooooo shiny.

I’m impatiently awaiting the arrival of these brilliantly-designed pet bowls I ordered today (in orange, of course) after seeing their more expensive stainless versions at a client’s house recently. We have a dog and a cat–an orange cat–and I hate picking up their water bowl. You have to slide it over to the neighboring wall in order to grip the bottom edge and pick it up, which makes me cringe inwardly each and every time I have to do it. The bowl’s edge gets really slimy and there’s all sorts of detritus in that corner from them eating like…well, animals…so I will be accosting the UPS drivers in my area until this major quality of life improvement arrives on my doorstep.