New seasons of Top Chef and Project Runway started this week, and neither has a whole hell of a lot to do with interior design, unless you could say that cooking happens in the kitchen and fashion design is still design related.  Cooking doesn’t happen in my kitchen–only reheating happens in that place with the sink and heating appliance live–and no one looking at me on my best day would call me a fashion expert.  But dang, I’m still obsessed. 

However, I’m burnt for the day and it’s been a busy workweek, so chatting about either show will have to wait until perhaps tomorrow or Saturday.  In the meantime, if you’re fans of both or either, what do you think of the new lineups?

Also on the roster for tomorrow or Saturday: Design Star‘s Nathan Galui has shared some photos of his developing furniture line, and y’all…it is SO AWESOME.  So you’re definitely going to want to check back for that.

I do apologize for being a little too overblown work-wise this week to dish responsibly, but promise there will be loads of new content for the weekend.  And if you’re in the ATX like me, you know you’re not going to be outside searing your retinas in this heat, so it’ll be nice to have something new to read, no?