We three Callans have a fascination with all things Robot…

I couldn’t resist getting these John Golden prints for Jeb last Christmas (framed and addressed from both Phoebe and I) because he does this cute robot attack with Phoebe that really cracks me up.

Also inspired by Jeb’s nightly robot attacks, a friend gave Phoebe these adorable PJs:

This isn’t really robot-themed, but I tend to do this Jetsons mind-meld of robots and spacemen. I give you…my trash can:

Believe it or not, Jeb gave me this for Christmas the first year we met. And I was THRILLED. I’d been lusting after Spaceboy forever (dubbed so by Westco, the manufacturer) but would never have splurged on a mui expensive trash can. I adore it. It makes me smile every time I throw something away.

To continue going off on a tangent, we saw the trailer for the new Speed Racer movie coming out May 9th and I was blown away by the color effects!

Even if I didn’t grow up addicted to the Mach 5 and all that, I would still be chomping at the bit to see this movie–it looks amazing.