We Callans are on vacation, which is something that hasn’t happened since our trip to Marfa two years ago.  (Read about our initial shock followed by awe of that trip here and here.)

This year, we’re road tripping to my brother’s wedding and doing it slow-boat-to-China style, taking roads less traveled and stopping along the way to see cool stuff.  Our first stop?  Amarillo, to take in Stanley Marsh 3’s famous Cadillac Ranch:



Phoebe adds her own creative touch to a Cadillac.  (Grafitti is encouraged.)


My handsome hubby.

Graffiti is encouraged at Cadillac Ranch, so if you go, BYO spray paint.  Be advised that you are up close and personal with wet paint all over the place, so it’s not advisable to lean against anything in your best designer duds until you give things a smudge test.  I highly recommend it for all ages–once we gave Phoebe a demo on the all-important directional spray, she was off and tagging everything in sight.  Having a canvas that size is a rare treat!

Cadillac Ranch
I-40, west of Amarillo
(Along the old Route 66)